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West End Street Pastors

West End Street Pastors (WESP) is one Group in the national organisation of Street Pastors. Street Pastors is an interdenominational Christian charity with about 12,000 Street Pastors in the whole of the UK, and having 21 separate Groups in Scotland.
The task of the street pastor involves going out in teams of 3 or 4 to provide help and assistance to people who are suffering the effects of over consumption of alcohol or other substances; are at risk of violence; feel unsafe; are lost; are struggling to make their way to their accommodation; are lonely; emotionally or physically hurt; are needing to be listened to; are homeless.
West End Street Pastors go out in Glasgow’s West End on Friday and Saturday nights as well as during special events, supported spiritually by West End Prayer Pastors (WEPP). The groups were formed in early 2012 as an additional group to Glasgow Street Pastors who have been operating in the city centre since 2009.
The Street Pastors are available to engage in spiritual conversations, although they don’t initiate them.
The WESP charity organises patrols, provides uniforms, organises training for street pastors and for prayer pastors. It provides equipment for use during patrols and items to be given to those in need. The charity also coordinates activities with other organisations including Police Scotland, Community Safety Glasgow, door staff and churches in their area, and also with other Street Pastor initiatives.
Several members of the St. John’s-Renfield family support the initiative as trained Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors.

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